• Easy to use and manage, Envisage Coda Call is ideal for all modern practices wanting to get messages and information to their patients.

  • Envisage Coda Call handles all popular media formats including RSS media, Flash, web-pages, calendar formats, images, video, PowerPoint, RSS ticker feeds, PDFs.

  • You can also create your own messages and content as Envisage Coda Call supports the following types of media formats:

    Support Media Formats

  • Envisage Coda Call allows your practice to schedule your media content to play, by using a schedule calendar so you can choose and specify what media content is shown on which days of the week.

  • You can also preview our media content by clicking the browse media content button.

  • Envisage Coda Call integrates with InPS Vision, EMIS and TPP Systm One medical record systems.

  • To demonstrate just how the Envisage Coda Call works, simply click the Patient Call demo button to simulate a patient call.

Try a patient demo:
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